The Ins and Outs of Hooking up at Conventions

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“You can surely find a girl at a comic convention”

You might have never been to a convention before, but if not, then you have definitely been missing out. Conventions are some of the best places you can go if you want to hook up. Conventions are much better places to hook up than bars or clubs because the girls you meet at conventions are not going to be as jaded about the entire hookup process. In fact, you might even be surprised by how many smoking hot girls wind up at conventions and how easy they are to pick up compared to women in bars and clubs. Sure, the scene is a little different from what you’re likely used to, but once you learn the basics of why and how to hook up at conventions, you might find that your days of barhopping and using terrible dating sites like are entirely over.

There’s a good number of things you need to keep in mind when you want to start learning how to hook up at conventions, but once you get them down pat, it will be worth it. You need to know what kinds of conventions to go to, first of all, because not all conventions are created equal. Then you need to know what kind of women you should be going after and how exactly to hook up with them. This involves knowing convention etiquette and the ins and outs of conventions in general. Then, knowing how cosplaying can help greatly increase your chances of attracting girls at convention is extremely helpful as well. If you want to put your days of online dating and resorting to subpar sites like, this is the method for you. Are you wondering, is iHookup any good? Well, read the review and find out whether it is a legit dating site or not.

What Kinds of Conventions to Go To

“Go to large conventions where you can meet a lot of people”

Not all conventions are as good as the others, so knowing what kinds to go to will increase your chances of hooking up. You don’t want to waste your time with smaller conventions that cater to very specific groups of people, like fans of a particular show or book. While it is indeed possible to hook up with women at these sorts of conventions, there are much less women there and it isn’t as likely that you will meet the sort of women you want to hook up with.

The best kinds of convention for you to go to will be the larger, more popular conventions. Big video game or comic book conventions are your best bet, as they will typically have the most women at them compared to other conventions. Nerdy or geeky women, the kinds of women that typically frequent comic book and video game conventions, are easier to hook up with than women you meet at bars or clubs. Make sure to find the most popular conventions in your area to increase your chances of meeting the right women to hook up with.

Ins and Outs of Convention Etiquette

“Don’t mess with girls who are on their job at the convention”

Knowing the unique etiquette that conventions involve will be your first and biggest hurdle when you want to hook up with the convention goers. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand what is and isn’t okay at conventions. First of all, you should know what kind of women you can hook up with at conventions. At video game conventions especially, there are often women hired to cosplay at the booths and promote the character they’re cosplaying as. These so-called booth babes are typically not the kind of women you want to go after. First of all, they’re on the job and won’t be able to get away from it easily, so you will have a harder time just based on that. Moreover, booth babes are getting approached by guys constantly. In terms of what you are probably used to, booth babes are the equivalent of the women you meet at bars and clubs all the time. They’re used to being flirted with and they will present a much more difficult time than the regular convention goers. It’s in your best interest to avoid these altogether, since it will be harder to hook up with them.

Other tips when it comes to convention etiquette are sometimes more difficult to pin down. As you start to visit more conventions, you will gradually pick up more and more finesse when it comes to picking up women and getting along with the other visitors. When you approach a woman in cosplay, never compare her to a stripper or hooker. Make sure to be open and curious about who she’s cosplaying and ask her questions about her character and what she likes about the character in particular.

Even the most basic cosplayer is used to being approached by guys who just want to flirt with them, so you have to be a little more suave than them. Be polite and interested instead of going straight for the kill with the heavy flirting and innuendo. The more interest you show in her hobby, the more likely you are to get to hook up with her at the end of it all.

Cosplaying in Order to Get More Chicks

“You can attract a lot of girls with these costumes”

One of the biggest ways to hook up at conventions is by participating in cosplay yourself. You might have never done it before, but don’t worry about being new to it. Cosplaying the right character can get you more attention from women than you ever imagined possible. Even if you aren’t interested in comics or video games, knowing what characters are popular will help you get an edge over other guys. Try to pick a character that you resemble at least vaguely, because it will make it easier for you to cosplay it.

Girls, believe it or not, can be huge and almost obsessive fans of certain male characters from video games, comic books, or TV shows. Google certain characters to try and gauge how popular they are, but keep in mind that villains are almost always more popular than heroes, and it can make you seem like that bad boy stereotype that most women appreciate without you even needing to really try.

Once you’ve chosen the character you’re going to cosplay, you can either try to make the costume or buy it. There are plenty of resources available online if you want to learn how to make your own costumes, and it might not even be as complicated as you might imagine. If you don’t want to make your own, you can buy a costume or have someone make one for you. Either way, having a good costume and making sure you look at least somewhat like the character in question will be a great way for you to pick up girls at conventions. You might be surprised by how much women flock to you once you have a good costume on, and it can lead to some kinky and exciting sex if they want to pretend like you’re in character. Make sure to research the character you cosplay as enough to be able to act like him, at least to a certain degree, because this will bring it to the next level and really make women swarm to you. Also make sure to stick to less complicated outfits, since you will likely wind up taking it all off at the end of the day or that evening.

Will The Chromebook Succeed?

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In this fast-paced, techie world, people find it difficult to live without their cherished gadgets which include laptops, tablets and Ultrabooks. Indeed, the society has become dependent to computer. Due to the immense demand of these gadgets, the search engine giant, Google, has now come up with their very own Chromebook. However, this is still subject to scepticism as to whether or not this will finally replace the laptop or PC tablet you’re using right now.

Well, not all of you may be quite familiar with the full specifics of the Chromebook. So to give you an idea what the Chromebook is, I’ll be talking about its features in this write up. The Chromebook is actually a kind of laptop made by no other than Google. However, its processor runs on Samsung which other Android phones and tablets have. The Chromebook is reasonably priced at only $249. This is utterly affordable for a laptop, you may think. Nonetheless, this doesn’t really function like a laptop but more like a web browser instead.

The Chromebook has a Samsung processor and latest version is much lighter than the earlier one and weighs only around 2.42 pounds. Its anti-glare screen measures 11.6 inches. This is also equipped with 100G Google Drive storage, 3.0 Bluetooth, and an average of 6.5-hour battery life.

Tablets & Ultrabooks to drive mobile computing shipments to over 590 mn

Tablets & Ultrabooks to drive mobile computing shipments to over 590 mn

The Chromebook is more like a browser and not a laptop. This allows you to browse the web only with the Chrome browser (as the name says). You’ll be able to manage your documents and email through the new Chromebook. What it lacks is the file management system. You may be able to find icons on the Chromebook’s home screen but since this is internet-based, you’ll not be able to access these icons without network connection.

The previous version of the Chromebook didn’t really hit it off due to its lack of 3G connectivity. Samsung had realized this drawback and so the new Chromebook now has 3G connectivity powered by Verizon Wireless. This doesn’t however come all for free but at an $80 premium and covers only 100MB free surfing each month for the whole two years. For those who always surf the net, this isn’t enough.

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Browser

Chromebook has its perks though. Aside from the fact that it’s lighter, Chromebook users also have an access to the Google Chrome Web Store which is loaded with innumerable applications allowing you to personalize your own Chromebook. Adware, malware and spyware are also not a big threat on the Chromebook as this updates itself so you need not hassle yourself constantly updating it. . As a web browser shell, the Chromebook can be considered a superb innovation. Thus, the success of the Chromebook entirely depends on the users.

Office Romance: The Good And Bad

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Can you really choose when to fall in love, who to fall in love with and where? If you always have to dictate to yourself the ‘If’s and But’s’ of falling in love, you might lose the chance of being with the one you were meant to stay happy with.

Office romances are always subjected to criticism by a lot of people. Maybe because majority of time these kinds of romances fail. There’s just too much pressure to deal with to keep it going smoothly. You may think in the beginning that the thrill of the romance is worth the pressure, until the feeling starts to fade away. If you believe your job is important to you, and so is your love life, why not consider first this list of pros and cons of office romance:

Pros: Of course, you have your friends to share your problems with; but isn’t it a great relief to be able to share your work problems with somebody who really understands because you both come from the same environment?

Cons: If your romance fails, would you still feel comfortable knowing someone from the office knows about your secret cruel rants on bosses and co-workers?

Pros: Office romance, especially when kept hidden is a passionate adventure.

Cons: If your romance is decent and sincere, why hide it? Friends and co-workers may see you personally in a bad light if they knew that you’ve kept it for quite a while. They may start to question your judgment and may not get them to be “on your side”.

In Pictures: How To Succeed At Office Romance

In Pictures: How To Succeed At Office Romance

Pros: The idea of successfully accomplishing tasks together may be intellectually stimulating, especially when you complement each other.

Cons: An office environment is not something both of you can control; the situation may not always be on your favor. When the going at work gets rough, either one of you will have to choose career over romance. If it’s the latter, then don’t take it too personal, it’s just work.

Pros: The romance makes you feel excited to go to work each day; you take pride in knowing you accomplish things because you feel inspired.

Cons: If the romance inspires you to be at your best at work, then it’s very likely that it will be the same thing that can cause you to lose interest at work when the romance is over.

The Rules: How to Have an Office Romance

The Rules: How to Have an Office Romance

Pros: When it’s starting to get downright serious, it’d good to know that love conquers all.

Cons: When you finally make it official and office rules do not permit romantic relationship between co-workers, one of you may have to give up the job. When you have worked your way up your position, can you really afford to lose it in favor of a romantic relationship?

The Secret Benefits of Stretching Before and After a Workout

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Stretching is when you pull your toes to you while your knee is locked, for a few seconds to about a minute. It is when you pull your foot behind you so you feel the stretch on your thigh. It is when you pull your opposite elbow close to your shoulder or bend your neck sideways, front and back. It is also when you reach out with your hands sideways, to your front or up in the air to as far as you can with your fingers spread open at its widest stretch.

Stretching before a workout

You have probably seen athletes, before starting a game, stretching in preparation. The supposedly reason is to prevent possible injuries while doing the actual game. Studies have shown, though, that there is no benefit in stretching before a workout or a game. In fact, there have been more injuries associated with pre-workout stretching since muscles are still cold.

You Stretch Before Working Out

You Stretch Before Working Out

A warm up is a different story, though. Doing a lesser intensity of what you will be doing after, is a warm up. For example, brisk-walking or jogging before running to get your heart pumping is a warm up in preparation for a more rigid task ahead of running a sprint. That way, your muscles and tendons will not be abruptly shocked.

Thus, stretching before a workout brings no benefit. However, mild stretching without any strenuous activity to follow is better than having no exercise or workout at all. If you plan to workout, do the stretching after.



Stretching after a workout

After you have warmed up in preparation for a workout, and after the actual workout, stretching after gives several benefits.

  • It helps in alleviating the pain after a strenuous and tiring workout. Even without a workout, stretching helps stiff muscles in lower back, hips, hamstrings and buttocks to be relieved.

  • It helps in reducing soreness, thus, making muscles repair faster.

  • It helps in reducing stress.

  • It helps in improving one’s range of motion. If at first you cannot reach down to your toes while knees are locked, habitual stretching will enable you to reach them in time.

  • It helps in improving cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure and improving artery functions.

  • It helps in increasing one’s flexibility which enables one’s movement to be faster. Low flexibility lessens the fluid retention which makes one more susceptible to cramps, bruises and sprains. Flexibility helps one to avoid injuries.

  • It helps in the blood circulation. Smooth blood flow in one’s body and muscles enables nourishment to be delivered to the muscles, at the same time disposing of the waste from the muscles.

  • It helps in increasing the oxygen.

  • It helps in enhancing muscular coordination.

  • It helps to increase energy levels.

  • It helps one to focus more.

3 Hottest Stocks On The Rise

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A new year means new stocks arising. This is the best time of the year to bet on the best stocks to invest money with. Financial advisors such as Forysth Barr, Hamilton Hindin Greene, Craigs Investment Partners, Goldman Sachs & Co, South and Brook Asset Management gave out their bets on the hottest stock to invest on this year. Each have their different set of top 3 but the following companies are mentioned by more than one of the advisors as one of their top 3 hottest stocks this year.


Mainfreight Limited is a logistics and trucking company based in New Zealand but also operating in Asia, Austraila, Europe and the US. Their services includes but are not limited to the following: domestic distribution, warehousing, cartage (wharf and metro), international air and a lot more. The firm was founded by Bruce Plested in 1978 but took a new turn of ownership when it was bought by Owens Group Limited in 2003.

Mainfreight is also dubbed by South as one of the top 3 stocks of New Zealand to perform well this year. The company is deemed to have a very interesting situation after its struggle with its purchase a firm of Dutch Freight in Europe last 2011. It might look risky purchasing Wim Bosman but in the long run, it proved to be a good strategy as Mainfreight was able to establish a market share increase in the countries where Mainfreight operates. Good leadership made Mainfreight a hot stock in 2013 – South observed.

Financial advisor offers financial advice to clients on retirement, investments, and overall budgets

Financial advisor offers financial advice to clients on retirement, investments, and overall budgets


Apple came as the first of the list of Goldman Sachs & Co. top 10 hottest stocks poised to make a lot of money. With recent stock price of $457.84 in the market, Apple continues to reach its upside potential as targeted by the company.

One of Apple’s strategic moves to establish operating segment in Greater China and reallocate some manufacturing costs for it is producing a good result. Aside from that, Apple has also realigned their product presentation by category to maximize its visibility.

These changes and improvements enable Apple to rise in the market again after sinking a few months ago. Apple now reaching up to targeted $660 per share, a 45% increase as compared to its closing last January 31. While Apple still hasn’t reached its highest yet, Apple is deemed to yield its investor some money.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is a company that designs, markets and manufactures medical products, systems and devices that can be used for acute care, obstructive sleep treatment and respiratory care. The company provides such products and services to physicians, hospitals, nurses, homecare providers and therapists. It operates in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. The company, however, is base in New Zealand. It has been operating since 1934.

South observed last year that F&P will be a good company to invest on this year. With a growing number of people suffering from sleep apnea, the OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) industry has grown tremendously. This means that F&P has a larger market. The company credibility has grown as well when it won an award in the industry for nasal interfaces designed to help young babies. F&P disposable products also have a very good market response.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Its status currently, February 2, 2013, base from 7 known investment analysts shows, tells that F&P will outperform itself in the market today. It is advised that investors hold on to their F&P investments.

The Advantages Of Outsourcing Work

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So many institutions consider work outsourcing as a make-or-break decision they need to do for the sake of their continuous growth. For a huge number of those who did decide to venture into the offshore model, they have a lot of great stories to tell. Positive stories, mostly, as it has proven to be an effective strategy in the competitive pursuit of long term success. However, with the numbers continuing to rise, a lot of these businesses are still skeptical with the outcome. Today we will help you ultimately make your mind up, so you could carry on with your desire to move forward. Whether you’re just starting up with your own, are managing a small business for a period of time, or have already created your own niche in the industry, now is the time for you to decide whether you need to make a change on your game plan, or stick to what you’ve always known.

Why Outsource?

If one day you realize that your resources are not being put to good use effectively, or if you can’t keep up with new technology even for the sake of meeting the demands of your customers… if you are having a hard time looking for a quicker method to deal with certain processes, and you find that your own team has fallen short of your expectations with regard to handling the tasks assigned, outsourcing may be your best bet in keeping the place running. There is no need to let everything you have worked hard for fall apart. Outsourcing may very well be the solution to all your problems.

Now you can have full access to world class infrastructure, skills, and capabilities. Now you can have an offshore team that can, and will be dedicated & focused to work on the tasks you have so long struggled with. Now your own team can concentrate on core operations, providing full quality service which they have also had a hard time working on.




Let’s be honest. More often than not, companies decide on outsourcing because labor costs are significantly cheaper. Those who have chosen to outsource processes to certain locations around the world have received the same quality of service that they needed to have, if not better. However, what makes it such a come-on is the fact that the rates on these offshore locations can be a dozen times lower. It’s one of the most perfect ways of cutting back and saving the company’s finances, if you’ve already been struggling in the red for too long. It gives you time to get back on track, save up, and focus on plotting for your business’ growth.

How are the Outsourcing Companies Surviving the Recession?

How are the Outsourcing Companies Surviving the Recession?

If it’s talents you need, you won’t have a hard time finding it offshore. Your operational performance can be improved without having to sacrifice too big of what you already have. You don’t even have to worry about operations ceasing to a halt during holidays or long weekends. Now that is what you call great service. These are just a few reasons why you need to invest in outsourcing. We trust you’ll make the right decision.